Process Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the areas of democratic whole systems change initiatives, high performing teams training, organizational structures and design, leadership development and alternative strategic planning. We offer a wide range of interventions designed specifically to your organization’s unique needs.

Our Approach

Using a process consultation philosophy, we adopt a participative, democratic, whole-systems approach to change. We are passionate about supporting teams in becoming highly performing and engaged! We strive on seeing people democratically co-create their common future in order to bring about sustainable change initiatives.


We believe that the key to a successful organization lies in the success of its teams and in the interdependence amongst its people. No matter what the change effort is, we always strive to design participative processes aimed at helping your organization’s workgroups become high performing teams.

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You know that your organization’s current state is not at its best and need help identifying potential areas of development?

You are part of and/or leading a group that has the potential to become a highly performing team but you are not sure how to go about supporting that?


Full-day Retreat – Saturday March 19, 2016


  • Riham is a pleasure to work with. She is very passionate about what she does and puts her heart into her work, providing great partnerships and results. She is very personable, professional, and I would highly recommend any organization, especially those in the non-profit and charitable sector, to hire her.

    Besma S. Training Coordinator - Toronto, Canada
  • Riham has always proven to get positive results. As a process consultant, one of the several times I have had the opportunity to work with her, she has shown to be a leader in managing group process, quick-witted, and enthusiastic in this type of work. Her positive energy and her knowledge of human systems intervention was made apparent by the cohesion and communication that she engendered in the organizational group she was working with. As a colleague, to work beside her, was inspiring and a learning experience as well. She has a positive impact on the people she works for as well as the people she works with. I would highly recommend her for process and performance consulting, as she brings a sound knowledge of leadership training, group process, and coaching to the table. And she is a joy to work with!

    Diane M Instructional Designer - Montreal, Canada
  • I had hired Riham as an independent consultant for MSA Concordia as the President during spring 2010. She has designed and implemented two interventions to help with the human resources transition phase from one year to another. Through a step by step process, which was easy to follow, she took the time to interview most of the orginization's members and compiled the information to present it back to our members. This process led to identifying issues and finding the best solutions, which we then implemented for the better functioning of our organization. It was an absolute pleasure having Riham work with us; Our organization has improved by folds since then and we were able to better prepare our future successors for the following year. She is a professional, personable, very thorough and organized. Any organization would benefit greatly from utilizing her skills.

    Rasim H Software Developer - Toronto, Canada

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