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Process Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the areas of democratic whole systems change initiatives, high performing teams training, organizational structures and design, leadership development and alternative strategic planning. We offer a wide range of interventions designed specifically to your organization’s unique needs.

We adopt a participative, democratic, whole-systems approach to change using a process consultation stance. We are passionate about helping people in organizations co-create their future by truly and democratically including every voice, innovative idea and suggestion, in order to build high performing teams and bring about sustainable change initiatives.

We have successfully worked with diverse groups in a variety of different organizations, primarily educational and government institutions, as well as non-profit organizations and corporations alike.

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Riham Ahmed – Founding Consultant

Riham is a Community Development and Change consultant with experience supporting leaders in their efforts to create social and cultural change. She is adept at conducting extensive needs assessments with multiple stakeholder groups and subsequently working collaboratively with them to identify opportunities for improvement. She is known for her ability to facilitate stakeholder engagement, networking and collaboration and for the development of comprehensive actionable plans that include implementation strategies, monitoring for progress and feedback processes to address any challenges as they arise.

Riham has an undergraduate degree in Human Relations, a Masters of Human Systems Intervention and was awarded several scholarships and fellowships for academic achievement; notably the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Scholarship and the Power Corporation of Canada fellowship. Since 2013, she has been a guest lecturer in the M.A. program In Human Systems Intervention and a part-time professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia.

Riham’s current interest is in helping the Muslim community find their voice and take control of their narrative by leading a Search Conference in September 2018 with the purpose of envisioning and co-creating the future of the Montreal Muslim Community in the year 2022.  She believes coming together can generate much-needed energy and empowerment for community members motivated to enact positive social change.

For more information, please refer to Riham’s LinkedIn profile.

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