The 4-Phase Process of Our Approach

Using a process consultation philosophy, we adopt a participative, democratic, whole-systems approach to change. We are passionate about supporting teams in becoming highly performing and engaged! We strive on seeing people democratically co-create their common future in order to bring about sustainable change initiatives.

Exploration Process

We begin our work with a careful analysis of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be discovered through a series of conversations with key members of the organization. In certain cases, where the issue is more complex and often hidden under the surface, we may conduct structured interviews, focus groups or surveys, with different members of the organization and at different levels.

Joint Diagnostic Process

Following our initial analysis of the organization, we begin to diagnose the system by identifying the issues at hand. This stage will help us determine a starting point to intervene and identify a clear purpose for our change effort. The joint diagnostic phase is always a collaborative process between the consultant and the client system.

Planning Process

Early on in the process, we recommend including concerned members of the organization who might be targeted by the intervention. We believe that only those involved in the organization itself are experts on what will work or won’t work in their system. Once a clear purpose is identified, we invite input and feedback from all levels of the organization so that we achieve maximum buy-in and the highest success rate possible with the designed process. In planning for the intervention, the consultant refers to a wide range of intervention methods and theoretical underpinnings, proven to bring about positive and sustainable change in organizations.

Implementation Process

After meticulously designing the most suitable process for the organization, we collaboratively implement the intervention. This phase may take on many forms depending on the issues-at-hand. Whether it be a full-day participative process, a series of half-day workshops, observation and mediation during meetings, or an offsite retreat, we are dedicated to helping your team build a highly performing organization. Most importantly, we always strive to maintain a participative, democratic approach, in order to obtain a sustainable and positive change.


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